Hey everyone!

I wanted to come by and hang out in blog world for a bit today to escape the busyness of life!

Does anyone else do that? How often? haha

I love being able to feel connected to amazing people’s loves, creativity and inspiring things through this blogging thing…. It’s so good to escape from my own reality for a bit!

My ‘classroom life’ has been the main focus over the last three weeks. We started school on August 8th this year. It’s been a fantastic start so far and I have 15 fun kids, who love to learn. I couldn’t ask for better…

Check out this video we put on our class blog…

It cracks me up… Steak? yup… When ever I reward my class this year, it won’t be a pizza party – it will be a steak party! Love it.

With all the time invested into school (just to give you a perspective:we arrive at school by 6.30ish and get home usually around 7.30 the last couple of weeks),  I have been wishing I could blog more regularly.

It is something I want to invest into and build on… I just don’t know how I can until the weekends…

In my holidays I read ‘Put Your dream to the Test’ by John Maxwell. Have you read this? Wow, it is an educating/inspiring and challenging journey all wrapped up in a personally written book to hold to. I really want to embrace my dream and I know that part of this is blogging.

Huh? you say. Yup. I know God is teaching me so much through you and through writing, photography… the list could go on.

May I ask some advice from you fellow bloggers?

Have you any suggestions or tips on how to blog regularly when everything is busy busy?

Thanks for popping by, I really appreciate it.

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