bali, indonesia is rich in culture and religion.

hindu offerings laid on the street, hubby was known to run over a few on the scooter we hired, woops. 

 netting fish, bali style. step 1: light ciggie. step 2: reorganize fishing net. step 3: wade out til head height and dig pole into the ocean floor. step 4: walk back to shore laying the fishing net. step 5: wait. step 6: eat.  

kuta beach in all it’s crowded goodness.

my spot while hubby went surfing out the front. 

the day I got fried 😦
balinese stone masonry is amazingly detailed. beautiful.
the food was so good. bali kopi on the lower left is a must to try.

scooter adventures: we travelled all over the island of Lembongan and ceningan. one funny memory, is trying to find a point break for hubby to surf the first time. we came across an orange sign with a picture of a wave and people. we assumed it was to identify a surf spot, we followed and were puzzled when we started up these rough very steep hills. on the way, we stopped and chatted to an aussie who had been travelling to Bali for more than 11 years and he said it was a tsunami warning sign! haha fun times.  

the sunsets were epic. glorious. 

hubby getting a wave.

i believe this is gunung abang, one of the highest mountains here.
tanis villas on lembongan island, we would go back in a flash.

 trying to get a good photo with hubby while watching a sunset, not any easy task!

one of my favorite shots. we loved watching the swell come in and hit against the rocks. the water running down the rocks was amazing.
sunsets galore.
our snorkeling trip. it was lush with coral, fish and sea life. we fed the fish bread scraps and they came from everywhere.

travelling feet.

thank you bali! we will never forget this trip. we felt so refreshed and ready for another year after spending time exploring you!

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