boy – i was supposed to get onto this post a long time ago! here are a few more highlights of our trip home in june…

this is a passionfruit custard square from ruakaka bakery. it is the best. in the world. full stop!

this is the hubby’s domain. one of his highlights of our trip home was simply tinkering in the boat shed with his dad. he did a lot of it and loved showing me his oily, rough working mans hands to prove it. 

meet augustus.

this is my wonderful niece and her new pet. i loved spending time with my niece and nephew and sister and brother-in-law! they are so great to hang out with. i even got to go to a saturday netball game to watch her team – it had not changed since i played! 
and last but certainly not least… sunny side up. all covered up ready to withstand the winter weather until we come back for christmas and can take her out for a proper trip. i am excited for a kiwi summer…
see you in december, nz!

2 replies on “NZ holiday, 2011 highlights Pt2

  1. Oh.My.Gosh..!
    That passionfruit custard square looks incredible! Custard square/ vanilla square/ *forget the proper french name* square is my ultimate favourite. Yum!


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