Hello everybody.
Ohhh man, it’s been so long. I have much to say! 
I have been out of my own personal blogzone for over a month and it feels very strange (although I have been keeping up with reading many!). 
I laugh now at the words I wrote on my last blog post ‘I will be hopefully able to update you all on what’s happening in our holidays as much as I can – more often than before because school is always busy!’ 

Haha. Naive me.

I really want to share where we’ve been and some mini-adventures along the way. We feel so rested and have had great times with family and friends. It’s been amazing. 
Our ‘summer vacation’ has basically been in 3 parts… Singapore leg, NZ leg and Bali leg.

So I am getting organized to share about each one in the next few posts. 

I have many photos to share.
See you soon.

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