This morning I did a little dance. 
I made pancakes for special kiwi friends who were leaving for Europe.
Had coffee from my new little coffee machine (a gift from my class parents).
I took big breaths and reflected on a huge year.

I acknowledged God’s grace and goodness to us.

We have made it through our first year living in a not-so-foreign land now and the challenges that come with a new job, school, and lifestyle. 
We are excited for our 2 month vacation and to be going home and spending quality time with family and friends. 
It’s funny to think we will be going home in the middle of the year but I am sooo looking forward to lazing on the couch, DVDs, fires and the beauty that is my homeland. I have a list ready to go!
I have had an amazing bunch of fourth graders this year. They are very precious and I will miss them a lot. Their love of learning refreshed what was a tiring teacher and we had many fun times through this year…

I now I will look on this year with a feeling of thankfulness, and epic memories of travel and fun.
I will be hopefully able to update you all on what’s happening in our holidays as much as I can – more often than before because school is always busy!

Ciao everyone… x

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