kia ora! just wanted to share some events that have happened this weekend…

on friday night we celebrated ANZAC day with a bbq at school. it was a very successful night with lots of people joining the aussies and kiwis to celebrate our special day. we have awesome colleagues from around the world who were there with us. we enjoyed burgers, pavalovas, strawberries dipped in chocolate, sweet potato salad and much, much more… 

the night was topped off by people staying to watch the royal wedding. we ANZACs were so impressed with the excitement our northern hemisphere friends had for this event! there was ooohs and aahhhs and tears and laughing the whole way through.

friday night was filled with thunder and lightening – a huge electrical storm that I have never experienced before. I hardly got a wink of sleep… 

then Saturday rolled around with a planned trip to play touch rugby (t.r) at a jamboree  with our sister school in taijon (an hour and half away) but we had to think carefully about whether to go or not, because of the very wet weather. 
the students had the final say and with a unanimous decision, wanted to go with a modified game being played in the gym. these kids did so well for only playing t.r for a short amount of time and it was great to cheer them on. t.r is a new sport that mark has introduced to our school this year. i’m really proud of the hard work he has put into this over the whole year and the reward was to see the students fully enjoying the competition and playing the game so successfully this saturday.

i hope you weekend was as great as mine was!

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