here above you is proof that south korea has surf! yus. so exciting – we are going to have many adventures ahead because of this discovery.

mark has been majorly missing the ocean over the last 9 months and i can so see why. this weekend he organised a trip by bus to sokcho, on the east coast. we went biking and walked along the beach, took time to take in the slow paced town with many fishermen and friendly people.

i didn’t realise how much i missed having the salt air wash over me like i used to have most evenings (no exaggeration). it was so good and so fun to explore and get out of the bubble we can sometimes find ourselves in. 

happy day everyone. 

6 replies on “easter weekend 2011

  1. It looks really nice – I can see why it was a sight for sore eyes! Am going to bring the dogs for a walk on Ruakaka beach tomorrow – it's been a while. So it looks like this might be a regular trip on the weekends for you two! You are going to have to teach me how to eat with chopsticks! – I've always wanted to be able to. Love you, XX


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