Today was a magical spring day.

Robyn ( a fellow kiwi) and I had planned to go to Seoul and were invited by two wonderful colleagues from school to a place where Art galleries, cafes and museum abound.
Strolling the streets and going into little quaint boutiques. 
A shop full of bonsai trees and bright spring shrubs.
These two just go so well together.
Afternoon tea treats in the warm sun.
Named: ‘Sharing a biscuit’These precious figures are all made from paper. I was awe-struck. The pics don’t really do them justice. Aren’t the elderly korean couple adorable? That piece was called ‘dusk’. I see elderly and children at dusk time in the parks around where we live.
Love, love, love. I think this would look good in my dream house one day.
We visited a traditional embroidery house and experienced first hand the artworks there.
Baskets R Us Korea
Capturing spring blossoms on the drive home, can you spot the cheeky driver?

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