man, i was so failing at this bloggin’ gig during the last two weeks. there has been so much going on around here and i think it also had a bit to do with the fact i was sick. have you ever just craved your bed SO much that it was ALL you could think of. i thought it was really strange but in retrospect my body was definitely telling me it was up for some rest time.  

so what’s been happening around here? apart from school, here’s a coupl’a things…

i went to a really cool cafe with my friend catherine. aptly named ‘hello, stranger’ – i really love names that korean’s give places. our coffee was divine and it was the first time i had tried a scone that was more like a biscuit. the waitress also described the scone as ‘dried grapes’ rather than raisins…
remember how mark got me a bike for my birthday? well this is my game-face. we went for a bike not far from us earlier in the week around a beautiful university. there was a surprise waiting for us there…

the university is one of 10 in korea that have a rugby team! mark was so so happy. he bowled down there and had a chat to the players who were practising. they couldn’t speak english but soon found someone who had spent four years in nz! it was cool and mark is now thinking of doing a course at the uni so he can play in the team! haha jk.

but yeah it was fun to find that out. 
i am hoping to take photos of spring around these parts soon but after all this talk of ‘radioactive’ rain, i’ve had to wait it off but it’s been so exciting to have temperatures of up to 17degrees around these parts. long may it last!

bye for now x

One thought on “Whats been goin on

  1. Radioactive rain!? Scary thought! Have you guys noticed a change in the stuff Korea imports from Japan?
    Funny that Mark wants to join the rugby team…a nice reminder of home for him.


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