Wow! I’m still in total awe that my hubby could pull off a surprise party for my 30th!! 

It was amazing and a total SURPRISE to me.

This is a video that one of my students made for me. Her parents, wonderful friends and colleagues, were in on the secret too. 

I had such a fun night and was completely spoilt by my students, hubby and friends. I tell you, this birthday has been an emotional roller coaster! I was very dubious about it but I will always remember this and love that it marked my next decade. I absolutely LOVE surprises and my hubby knows me too well.

My hubby drew this picture for me as a gift. It is a view of home; our turangawaewae. 
It is so precious. I’m going to get it framed soon. 

And one MORE surprise too! He got this for me for my birthday. A very thoughtful gift because I have wanted to go and bike for so long and now that spring is emerging here, I will be ready for action!

Thank you to my hubby, family and friends for making this day extra special and a celebration!


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