this week it has been hard to write on here. to be away from home. concentrate on work. but so easy to lift my eyes to the hills. remember our help comes from the Lord. know that He made heaven and earth. my university city, christchurch, was hit with another earthquake on tuesday 22 february. a 6.3 quake with a wake of destruction left behind…

when your brothers and sisters are going through disaster your thoughts are always there. 

the kiwi spirit, the love shown internationally has been amazing. i am so proud to be a kiwi. it’s so moving to see that through this people are pulling together to provide for each other whether it’s food, shelter, water, love.

my heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones. i pray for your hearts to comforted. i pray for those that are lonely and hurting. i pray for the Light of the World to shine on the dark days ahead.
naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi
-with your basket and my basket the people will live-
aren’t these beautiful? our colleagues and fellow kiwis have been so amazing this week, crying together and showing so much care. these are from a colleague, so thoughtful and kind. these are brighting up our apartment this weekend on a rainy day here. 

arohanui, christchurch.

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