hi everyone…

i know it’s been awhile… 

i went home last week and I am just so happy right now. the trip was SO good for my soul. i loved every part! to be around family and friends, the sea and to soak in the vitamin d was precious.
this was a full force family affair, we hadn’t been altogether for 5 years. we we also celebrated my pop’s 80th Birthday. What a milestone!
mark hadn’t met my aunty, uncle and cousin from america so this was extra special. my family live all over the world so it meant a lot..

the beach was amazing. we visited matapouri a local beauty on our coast.

we went on adventures. scouring the hill in the scorching heat and finally arriving at the idyllic mermaid pools. 

thanks nz, i’m loving the memories and can’t wait to be back in june for a whole month {I’m giddy with excitement}!

lastly here is a candid pic a spy took of me and my sister-in laws. love having sisters now and also hanging out on mums couch… i always feel at home there…

today i am linking up with paisleyjade’s {things I’m loving} 


2 replies on “i went home and it was awesome! {february, 2011}

  1. Cool pics. You looked so rad in your red dress! Great job getting to the mermaid pools. I thought the track through the cave had collasped. They look so lovely…will have to venture there one day!


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