Well I said in this post that I might share my goal/s for this year. 

I have been a bit unsure to put it out there for various reasons but I want to encourage everyone to make the most of this year so… well, I better do it then!

This year I have decided to join in on this adventure

For a while now I have felt convicted to change my attitudes in a whole lot of ways and feel that this will be an awesome way to walk that talk.

Before I start explaining, I have a little confession to make. 

I have just in the last two minutes changed my word. 

I have been trying to ignore the one I know I should have chosen. I know… hmmm.

I know for sure He planted in my heart a word awhile back but I just pushed it aside and tried to ignore it by choosing another.

My true one little word for this year is faithful

I so want to grow in faithfulness. 

Lets go back about a month and a half…

As Christmas was drawing near and we were preparing for Christmas at school I had a kind of revelation about faith and trust. I can’t quite remember what led up to this but I was left in awe of how trusting and faithful Mary and Joseph were when they were traveling for the census and Jesus was soon to be born. Imagine the feeling, they arrive heavy-laden and there is no place to go.

I mean huh? This was God’s only son – soon to be born! 

What really stood out to me here so newly-afresh was that God still wanted them to trust him – trust Him – even to the point of staying in a manger. They were still challenged to go that extra step. He could have had it all sorted with servants and comfy beds but it wasn’t so for them.

Even the earthly parents of Jesus still had to exercise faith! That stood out to me. ‘Man, I so need to grow more…’ I thought at the time. 

Tick, tick, tick. Time goes by. 

I have this ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ wall hanging that I made when I was hmmm… maybe 15? So a while now (nearly half my life!) and it has been with me everywhere. I cherish it. 

The week before Christmas a piece fell off. 

Yup. There it is. I know people can say that it was a coincidence. But I needed it. I choose to accept that this prompted me to think again of my faithfulness to God. It made me want to dig in more.
It’s funny but even though I knew these things were prompting me I still had to resist. When I read some amazing blogs over my holiday and decided to do the one little word year, I heard their words I didn’t want to choose faithful. I wanted something else that I thought would be ‘better’. So I chose otherwise. 
After some time and even starting this post a while ago, it just didn’t sit right with me so here I am opening up and sharing. 
I hope because of this I can grow deep down in God. Like the roots of a tree, so that when I am shaken (we are all shaken) I can grip hold of what He has said and stand strong. That is my goal for the year.
Maybe, even in this little act of choosing to follow what I know to be right, in a simple way I am practicing this one little word.
I hope that you reach deep inside and get the most out of 2011… Maybe even join me and many others on this journey and share about your one little word!
Ok, now all I have to do is press PUBLISH. Ok, well here goes.

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