Its been awhile… I know. It’s a new year even! Wohoa. 
Happy Happy Happy New Year Everyone!
 On Boxing day we left for a trip to Northern China to visit Shay and Alana. Mark went to high school and uni with Shay. 
It was an epic trip and we experienced heaps of great memories. 
Here are a few of my favourite photos:

The weather was freheeezing. Sometimes down to -25!
The food was amazing – not like the classic ‘Chinese Takeaways’.
 The hustle and bustle was really interesting.
So cheap you can get so much for so little. 
A taxi drive sometimes cost only $1. 
We were shown such a great time.
The last pics are of the Harbin Ice Festival. It is like a village of ice structures that are lit up with lights from inside the ice. It was really something else.

So that was part of our White Christmas this year. And it certainly was white with snow!

Xie Xie!

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