is tidings of great joy, loud laughs, tasty treats, time to cherish what God has given you…
Top left and clockwise around:

1.     A castle we visited in Dover, one of MANY may I add.
2.     Our lil’ Polo, took us on so many adventures loaded up with EVERYTHING we had for much of our France, Spain holiday. We knew it was right we get this car because I call hubby, Marko…
3.     Us.
4.     With Aunty Carol and Uncle Philip, Mark’s amazing family who let us stay for too long… Thanks.
5.     Normandy, France – watching the waves roll in on dusk.
6.     Paris! We had an amazing night bike tour with a boat ride too, this was our romantic gesture to the city of love.
7.     Stonehenge. It looks like I am the only one there. But alas there were thousands of others.
8.     Tintagel Castle – King Arthur’s supposed residence.
9.     Love this. Free camping on the side of the river with a view of the Queen’s residence – Windsor Castle.
10.   Dressing up in traditional Hambok for Korean Culture week at school.
11.   Visiting Stanbridge – my maiden name.
I designed this card of our year but sadly we could not get our cards in the mail in time for Christmas this year. 
There are cards written ready to be fed-exd home right this minute. But in reality they will be there in the new year. Sorry folks.
We will miss home but are looking forward to the joys of a Winter Christmas at the Ward’s this year.
Bless yas.

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