We have been in this wonderful land now for just over 3 months and I felt to compile (with some ideas from ‘Scribblings of the Metropolitician’) a list of things that are unique about Korea – so far!
  • Korean bathrooms, in which the whole thing is made to get wet, no separate wet and dry spots – just a drain in the middle of the floor. Clean the walls, clean yourself, clean the toilet. Just spray, spray, SPRAY!
  • Internet – everywhere – fast. Even grandmas have faster connections than most small businesses in NZ.
  • Quickservice. Guys on motorbikes who risk their necks (and the lives of others) to deliver you whatever you need for less than it would cost to take a taxi to pick it up yourself. You hear the …nnnnnnnneoooooow… whiz past and you know that the newspaper on the back will be delivered in style.
  • It’s always miniskirt weather. Even in winter. Even in church.
  • Nothing is lukewarm. It’s either going to boil your tonsils or sear your taste buds off.
  • I know my feet are big, but here in this land I am very peculiar. As of today I have found one shop who have the freakishly big sizes I need.
  • The seasons are very clearly defined. Boom 30 degrees, Boom red leaves and autumn is here.
  • Adjima (the Korean word for aunt, or middle-aged woman) are better than any rugby players when it comes to scrums and mauls. You need to attend ‘Crowd Control 101’ to survive here.
  • Kids love to come and say ‘Hello, how are you?’ on our walk home from school. They love to speak English and are often super-friendly.

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